Ocean City has a new destination. Mad Fish is amazing! Excellent food and service. The building has been renovated with multiple bars and cool interior. This is a must see for anyone visiting the area and a great new local hangout. Well Done!
Jason H.
Great job on the renovations! It’s awesome to see a business being run by a local family doing great things. We were there for the soft opening and everything was excellent. Good food... good service... fun atmosphere! Great job!
Jay B.
Looks awesome inside and out. Glad to have something new around! Food was great. Service was outstanding. Drinks were awesome! Great atmosphere. We enjoyed the music also!
Kristin J.
A beautiful new addition to my hometown! The staff was extremely welcoming and courteous! The setting is aesthetically pleasing with an amazing view but also with a comfortable home setting. Congrats to Cole and hiring an amazing staff! Jason and Dana are going to rock this part of town!
Traci H.
We went there for the soft opening tonight. They did an awesome job renovating the restaurant and had great inside and outside bars and live music. The service and food were both great! We will definitely be back, welcome to West OC.
Jordan B.
Macadamia Halibut was some of the best we've had. Great sunset, great service, great atmosphere.
Frant F.
One of the reasons why west ocean city is getting even cooler! These people know what they’re doing.
Carlo D.
I took my family to mad fish this weekend and the food and service was exceptional. Our server, Will, was constantly checking in with us to make sure we were fully satisfied. Will definitely be going back in the future!
Alexander W.